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Stephane Halleux

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Stephane Halleux

Stephane Halleux was born on July 6th in Chenée (Liège), Belgium. Shortly thereafter–and very often against his will—he was taken off to museums where he was supposed to be awakened to art in all its forms. At the age of 10, while visiting the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, the work of sculptor Jean Tinguely suddenly caught his attention. He discovered the magic power of strange play-like structures without any utility purpose.

In 1995, during his last high study year at Saint Luc in Liege, Stéphane created the first pieces that look similar to his current works. Passionately fond of Seventh Art and comic strips, he naturally began a career at an animation film studio in Luxemburg, first as a colorist, and then as a layout artist. Thus began a 7-year period of drawing uninteresting things (according to him) for other people without thse possibility of creating anything else. He finally became frustrated by the lack of creativity and industrialization of animation, and left to work in a “bank-sale” furniture company. Among these old treasures, his first passion again rose to the surface.

His first exhibitions were such a success that since 2005 he has devoted all his time to his realizations.

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